You don’t have to be big. You have to be remarkable.”

Joe Pulizzi

Welcome To Readers Jam
Bloggers : Shurick Shrivastava And Harshit Khare

We are management students who apart from being study, sports and travel enthusiast
are always up for something innovative and exciting. We wanted to
create a mark of our own so we thought of something that not only was a
chance for us to explore something new but also to share something with
our readers.

We wanted a platform which did not limit the information and knowledge
shared through it. A platform where a user had access to all and infinite
areas of content.

Readers Jam is our idea where we share our views, information,
knowledge which are spread over all fields of knowledge and content
rather being specified and centered around one sphere as seen in most of the
Here you can find access to topics like Topical Happenings, Health and
Wellness, Sports, Product Reviews, Our Personal Ideas and much
Our Website: www.readersjam.com
If you have any questions then contact us at
[email protected]
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Thanks for Reading.