Spider-Man is Leaving MCU.

In a shocking turn of events, Marvel Studios will no longer be involved with the production of Spider-Man movies. Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige has pulled out of producing future Spider-Man movies allegedly due to disputes between Sony and Marvel’s parent company Disney over revenue sharing from films starring the web-slinging hero.

A dispute at the top levels of both companies has essentially resulted in Feige being nixed from future Spider-Man projects, according to Deadline’s original report. Disney had allegedly asked for a 50/50 co-financing agreement between the two studios on future Spider-Man films. Again, according to Deadline’s sources, Sony turned that offer down. Sony proposed keeping the arrangement similar to the terms that dictated the first two Spider-Man MCU films, such that Disney would only receive 5 percent of first dollar gross. Disney reportedly refused that deal. If the two parties don’t return to the negotiating table at some point in the future, Tom Holland’s Spider-Man is not expected to appear in any further MCU movies.

Spider-Man is Leaving MCU

Spider-Man’s History

Spidey made his comic book debut at the tail-end of a canceled comic in 1962. This story almost did not make it to print, given Martin Goodman’s stance on the entire “Spider-Man concept.” However, Stan Lee managed to convince his publisher to run the story in the last issue of Amazing Fantasy, and, as history would have it, the character went on to become an amazing success.

According to Lee, the final issue of Amazing Fantasy was the perfect time to feature Spider-Man because no one cared about the final installation of a canceled series. He later found out that the issue had become a bestseller,  and was asked to write an entire run featuring the friendly neighborhood wall-crawling crime fighter, which was, of course, titled The Amazing Spider-Man.

Spider-Man Commercial Success

Shortly after the introduction of the Spider-Man character, Martin Goodman was surprised to see just how well the webhead was doing. Sales figures were off the charts, as the hero quickly became (and is now known today as) one of Marvel’s best-selling comic book characters.

As stated earlier, the commercial success of Spider-Man’s debut in the aforementioned final issue of Amazing Fantasy led to a change of heart from publisher Martin Goodman, who was originally stoutly against the character.

After the successful debut, Stan Lee and Steve Ditko were asked to continue the series and did so as a monthly comic book run entitled The Amazing Spider-Man – a comic book run that served as the character’s flagship series for fifty years.

Spider-Man in the MCU

After five solo adventures, Sony Pictures and Marvel arrived at an agreement that allowed for the characters from the two studios to appear in each others’ movies. Tom Holland’s debut as the wall-crawler in Captain America: Civil Warwas a smashing success, and it appears as though his own feature film is going over just as smoothly with critics.

Tom Holland is already being referred to by many as the definitive big screen Peter Parker and, based on what we have seen so far, it is hard to make a counter argument. Spider-Man: Homecoming looks to be one of the summer’s biggest successes, and there are talks of a sequel already in the works.

By all accounts, it appears as though the Spider-Man we all know and love is back.

Spider-Man is Leaving MCU

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