Prime Minister’s Non-Political Candid Interview

Actor Akshay Kumar engaged in a ‘non-political’, candid conversation with Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 24th April. The 51-year-old actor began the conversation by asking the PM about what he does during the day besides his responsibilities, his love for mangoes and his sleep schedule.  Were the Prime Minister’s answers candid? Let’s see how our Prime Minister faired…

Prime Minister's Interview With Akshay Kumar
Prime Minister’s Interview With Akshay Kumar

Does the Prime Minister love mangoes?

Kumar started the conversation by asking the PM if he liked eating mangoes. In response to this, PM Modi got nostalgic and spoke about how he used to enjoy mangoes as a child. However, PM said, he needed to keep a tab on his diet. 

What would Modi be if not a Prime Minister? 

The ‘Kesari’ actor then went on to ask if PM Modi ever thought about leading the country. To his surprise, PM Modi revealed that he never thought about it. His non-political family background and becoming the PM, Modi said, wasn’t easy for people to digest. Instead, he once believed he would be a ‘sanyasi’ or would want to serve the army. He said that even if he got a regular job, his mother would be just as happy. He revealed that as a child he never received any guidance. 

Does the Prime Minister ever feel angry?

Later, following the PM’s reputation of a strict and stern leader, the ‘Singh Is King’ actor asked if he ever feels angry. PM Modi answered this by saying that it’s a part of human nature. However, he never got a chance to express his anger. As a commoner, a peon or a Prime Minister, the former Gujarat Chief Minister said that he never got a chance to show anger. Moreover, he never experiences angry as such. 

Strict Prime Minister or disciplined leader? 

Responding to his strict and stern leader reputation, PM Modi said that he is more of a disciplined person and not a strict leader. He said that he is not one who likes to look down upon someone. Instead, he said that he chooses to teach people, work with his team and learn more from them.

Prime Minister’s Family Time

Proceeding to the PM’s family, the National Award-winning actor asked if Modi felt like spending more time with his family. Modi answered it by saying that he left the family at a very early age. He explained that he was trained in a completely different way and did not leave his home as a PM. Therefore, he saw everything differently. 

Prime Minister’s take on work culture

The ‘Hera Pheri’ actor’s next question from Modi was regarding his humor if the trait is present given his stern headmaster reputation. PM Modi responded to this by saying that his reputation is incorrect. He stressed on the importance of discipline and said that trait does not come from imposition. His habit of not taking a call while being with someone is a part of that discipline, Modi explained.  Speaking on the lines of work culture, PM Modi explained that for him it develops the way the leader operates

Prime Minister’s Relationship with the opposition

PM Modi then went on to his relationship with opposition leaders. He revealed that some people of the opposing parties are his friends. Talking about his relationship with West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, Modi said that ‘Didi’ sends him Bengali sweets every year.

Prime Minister’s post-retirement plans

Talking about his post-retirement plans, PM Modi narrated an incident with his cabinet where he was asked the same question and how he responded to it. Modi explained that he always saw responsibilities as his life. He stressed that every person, at every stage, must have a mission in life. 

What was the most-valuable thing Modi brought to the PM house?

Kumar asked Modi about the most valuable thing he brought to the PM house, and the leader replied by saying that he holds one benefit which no one else did before. He said that being the CM of Gujarat for a long period of time was his biggest benefit. Modi explained that by stressing on the importance of the experience he gained by being Gujarat’s longest-serving CM. 

Does the PM feel sleep-deprived? 

The ‘Padman’ actor, while taking a walk with the PM, asked him about his sleep schedule. Laying stress on the importance of a seven-hour sleep, Kumar asked how the PM manages work by sleeping for only three to three and a half hours every day. 
In his answer, the PM revealed that all of his friends, including former US President Barack Obama, ask him the same question. Modi revealed that when he first met Obama, the 57-year-old asked him the same question and continues to do so each time the two meet. 
PM Modi then explained that over the years his body adapted to the routine and now he does not feel the need to sleep for more number of hours. Adding to his post-retirement plans, Modi revealed that to begin with, he would like to learn ways of increasing his sleep span.

How does the Prime Minister deal with a cold?

PM Modi opened up about a leading tough life during his talk with the ‘Bhool Bhulaiya’ actor. He said that because of his experiences, he never knew what medication is about. Therefore, he used other ways to deal with illness. Massaging his body was one of them.

Modi in vogue

Candid Questions with Prime Minister
Candid Questions with Prime Minister

Moving on to the PM’s style statement, Kumar asked him where his ‘kurta-pajama’ and jacket trend begin from. Turns out, it emerged from the PM’s efforts to save space. He revealed that he removed the sleeves of his jackets in order to save space and that’s how the trend began.  Modi also offered an explanation for wearing an upside down wristwatch. He said that this was his way of showing courtesy to the person he is meeting or talking to. An upside down watch saved him from looking at the time constantly. This, he explained, is a way of showing the other person that one is not in a rush. 

Early life

PM Modi talked about his early life experiences. He opened up about being insecure due to poverty. He said that he did not have shoes to wear. His maternal uncle bought him a pair of white canvas shoes and they used to get dirty very easily. To clean them, Modi said, he stayed back after school and used discarded pieces of chalk to keep his shoes clean.

Prime Minister’s Stint with social media and memes

Kumar’s next question from PM Modi was about his presence on social media and meme circulation. Modi, who is very active on social media, revealed that it’s his way of knowing what is going on in the world. 
Modi also made a witty remark while revealing that he follows Twitter handle of Kumar and his wife Twinkle Khanna too, who expresses her anger on the PM on the micro-blogging site. 

The ‘Dhadkan’ actor then showed PM Modi some of the memes based on him. Modi revealed that to him, it was a way of seeing people’s creativity and knowing their thoughts.

Does the PM send his salary home?

When questioned about his salary, PM Modi said that he has always been given money by his mother. therefore, he didn’t send anything home. This, he explained, did not mean he did not love or care about his mother. Instead, this was because she never needed anything. Modi also mentioned that even when he was the CM, he never relied on the government to finance his family. 

What did you think about this interview of the Prime Minister’ Candid enough or not?

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