Spider-Man is Leaving MCU.

In a shocking turn of events, Marvel Studios will no longer be involved with the production of Spider-Man movies. Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige has pulled out of producing future Spider-Man movies allegedly due to disputes between Sony and Marvel’s parent company Disney over revenue sharing from films starring the web-slinging hero. A dispute at […]

Web Series – A Rise in the Past Decade

The web series is a series of scripted or non- scripted video generally in episode form , released on internet or in part of web television medium . which first emerged in the late 1990’s and become more prominent in the early 2000’s. A single instance of a web series program can be called an episode or “webisode”. […]

Life Of a Stunt Double

Life of a Professional Stunt Double In Hollywood

Ever wonder about the lives of people who do those insane stunts on major films? Here is a small peak into the lives of Stunt Double. As kids we grow up playing imaginary games of high speed-chases, jumping out of burning buildings, or fighting enemies with swords, but these stuntmen and women get to do […]

Behind the Scenes Of A Movie Making

Behind the Scenes Secrets of Moviemaking

Filmmaking is a mix of outstanding tips and tricks. Today Readers Jam will tell you some movie secrets that few people know about. Once you know them, you’ll want to watch the movies all over again with fresh eyes. Here are some Behind The Scenes Secrets Of Movie Making: Behind The Scenes Background actors Background actors make most movie and TV scenes complete […]



(P.S. This post is mostly spoiler free but some facts have been mentioned for the context to the article.) With Avengers Endgame, the first era which spanned over 3 phases and 22 movies the MARVEL UNIVERSE has come to an end. According to some though phase 3 is set to close with Spider-Man Far From […]